Doutzen Kroes reveals the 3 sports that sculpt her body
The supermodel Doutzen Kroes has revealed on her Youtube channel, the sports routine behind her sculpted body from January to December. Since she only bets on fun and effective disciplines, we follow her with our eyes closed.

In her Doutzen Diaries video series on her Youtube channel, supermodel Doutzen Kroes revealed her sports routine. "Since I can get a phone call to shoot a lingerie campaign at any time, I have to be bikini and lingerie-ready all year round!" she says. From New York to Amsterdam, where she lives with her family, she takes us to her favorite studios, to discover her favorite disciplines and to meet the coaches who train her day after day.

Doutzen Kroes' sports routine:
1. Ballet Beautiful
The discipline: founded by the classical dancer Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful mixes the codes of ballet and fitness, making the practice of dance as accessible as Pilates or Yoga. The Victoria's Secret Angels swear by it to create a toned and slender figure.

Doutzen's opinion: "Whenever I'm in New York, I try to free up time to go to Mary Helen Bowers' studio. Her method is very effective in lengthening the body and changing posture. The day after a session, I feel muscles I didn't even know I had!"

To get started: Mary Helen Bowers shares snippets of her discipline on her Youtube channel, with exercises that target each part of the body, but also deciphered dance moves like the piqué, dégagé or relevé. Finally, she has published several books on this subject such as Ballet Beautiful: Transform your body to have the strength, grace, and tone of a ballerina (Marabout editions). Across the Atlantic, the most similar disciplines are Fitballet, taught in Paris and Perpignan, and Barreshape in Paris.

2. Pilates
The discipline: invented by Joseph Pilates just over a century ago, inspired by the flexibility and agility of the cat, Pilates is practiced mostly on Reformer machines to align the body and mind. Halfway between ballet, gymnastics, and yoga, it is an ultra-complete practice to strengthen all the muscles of the body while lengthening them. Doutzen Kroes goes to the Pure Pilates studio in Amsterdam, founded by Cheryl Frank.

Doutzen's opinion: "Pilates strengthens the abdominal belt. Since I've been doing it, I feel much stronger, it has changed my posture and with regular practice, my figure has really transformed. It's so much harder than it looks! But Cheryl always tells me that I should act like it's easy..."

3. Dance classes
Discipline: to start dancing, Doutzen got closer to choreographer Vincent Vianen, who operates at the Chassé Dance Studio in Amsterdam, among others. His style? Between hip-hop, RNB, and urban dances.

Doutzen's opinion: "Recently, I was asked to dance in a lingerie campaign. I was then introduced to the remarkable choreographer Vincent Vianen who danced with Usher. The result? It's my favorite sports routine at the moment. Yet, I've never been the one to hit the dance floor first. Simply because I never thought I was a good dancer, even though I've always loved to dance! When I was offered this lingerie campaign in which I had to dance, I had to face my own fears. Now I want to continue with the classes and for sure, I will be the first one on the dance floor! One of the most important things Vincent taught me was to let go. I tend to overthink things but when you dance, you have to let go of the music and be 100% involved. It's really fun to give it your best shot and always want to get better."

December 27, 2022