From Poems to Vogue Covers: How Paloma Elsesser Became Model of the Year
Paloma Elsesser was selected as Model of the Year by Industry Awards. Yet she has never wanted to get involved with the fashion industry. We will tell you everything you need to know about the girl who managed to turn the fashion world upside down.

Paloma was born in London and spent her childhood and youth in Los Angeles. She went to New York for her studies and decided to dedicate her life to literature and psychology. As a little girl, Paloma wanted to become a poetess - she liked to write poetry. The world of fashion never interested the girl, and during her studies at university, she began to attend art clubs. The model says her dreams were to work as a VJ, but not to shoot the covers of glossy magazines.

The deciding factor was meeting Pat McGrath, the famous makeup artist, whom Paloma calls her fairy godmother. In 2015, the style of the future plus-size model left much to be desired: red Timberland boots, a python-colored shirt and two hoodies. The girl was active on her Instagram profile and was organizing a tour for her friend, rapper Earl Sweatshirt. One day she received an email from Pat McGrath, who was launching her cosmetics line and was looking for the right faces. Paloma, in her opinion, was the perfect candidate, even though at the time she lined her eyebrows thick with a brown pencil and wore a gold nose piercing. McGrath was struck by the way the girl stood up to conventional norms and demonstrated her own self. Paloma happily accepted the makeup artist's offer.

"She's a modern Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne or Rita Hayworth," says Pat McGrath. - There's something cinematic about her. I admire her face, body and mind. She's always full of fun and joy." 

After a cosmetics advertising campaign, the girl woke up famous. Her unconventional appearance did its job - Paloma was shot for the cover of Wonderland, and then a collaboration with H&M followed. Nike chose her as the face of their underwear campaign, for the first time making the choice in favor of a girl with a size 50. Representatives of the brand said that such a move should demonstrate to women that sports underwear isn’t just created for the gym.

"Muse Pat McGrath", as American Elle dubbed Paloma, has actively collaborated with Rihanna's brand, Fenty, and also appeared on five Vogue covers in different countries. But real fame came this fall, when Elsesser became the first opulent model at the Salvatore Ferragamo show in the history of the brand. This year the girl has successfully made nine shows, which is great for a plus-size model.

Paloma speaks philosophically about her popularity: she is not interested in the media, the model wants to inspire other girls with her shapes as an example. She takes responsibility for beautiful women of irregular size who feel left out by the fashion industry.

"Society realizes: no matter what size you are, there's a place for you everywhere. No one likes to be left out, and big companies are starting to realize that.

June 07, 2022