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Fashion Designers Faced Restrictions That Took Fashion Shows to a New Level

The pandemic has made runway shows, as well as any other mass events, impossible. For months, we have been wondering how designers would adapt to the new realities. Now, the Spring 2021 collection shows are coming to a close.

This season, no one had the opportunity to show off in the front rows, make new acquaintances, and experience the incredible feeling that accompanies guests when they are physically present at such events. But if you think about it, you can find many upsides to this story. Some brands have taken their clothes to the streets, staging live shows against the backdrop of casual strolls in New York and nighttime Paris. Seeing designer clothes in the real world was exciting in a new way.

More traditionally, there were shows created through new technology. At the Louis Vuitton shows, we saw models walk through 360-degree cameras that could be manipulated through their laptops, experiencing the effect of being there.

Interactivity and intimacy were two of the key highlights of this season. 2021 will be the year of unconventional solutions and creative ideas, a year designed to push the boundaries of familiar formats.

Gigi Hadid Spoke to Vogue Magazine About Her Labor and Delivery Experience

One of the world's highest-paid models, the face of several Tom Ford lines and a Victoria's Secret Angel, Gigi Hadid, spoke to Vogue magazine about the 14-hour labor that took place at her home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her partner, Zayn Malik, her mother Yolanda, her sister Bella, and a local midwife were by her side during the labor. "I always knew there was something animal about me. I must have looked crazy," she says, giggling. - "I was an 'animal' woman."

Malik caught the baby. "I didn't even realize she was already out," Gigi says, riding her stallion named Dallas. - I was so exhausted, and I looked up, and he was already holding her. It was so cute."

Gigi Hadid had planned to give birth at a New York hospital, but then the realities of the coronavirus and the restrictions on the number of people in the delivery room, which would have prevented Yolanda and Bella from attending, made adjustments. She and Malik then watched "The Business of Birth," a 2008 documentary that deals with home births and criticism of medical interventions. "We looked at each other and thought it was a sign," Gigi says.

She gave birth in an inflatable tub in her bedroom. Malik, at Gigi's request, turned on a movie based on the plot of her favorite children's novel, "The Indian in the Closet," which, as it turns out, was also one of his favorites.

Malik, the former One Direction star, later compared himself to a male lion pacing nervously while a lioness gives birth to her cubs, "You feel so helpless when you see the person you love in pain."

Gigi didn't use anesthesia. "I had to dig deep," says the model. - "I knew it was going to be the craziest pain of my life, but you just have to surrender and tell yourself, 'This is how it's supposed to be.'

I know my mom, Zayn, and Bella were proud of me. But at some point, I saw that each of them was terrified," Gigi says. - After all that, Z and I looked at each other and thought we'd probably wait a little while before we decided to do it again.

The baby girl named Khai (Arabic for the chosen one), who Gigi Hadid revealed on Instagram in January, was born a week later than expected.

'She was so radiant right away,' the model says, adding that the baby's heart rate remained steady throughout the birth. - 'This is what I wanted for her, a peaceful arrival into the world.

Gigi Hadid does not have a nanny; taking care of the baby is helped by her husband and his mother, Trisha, who came from England for this purpose.

German Engineers Invented a Drone That Takes Ingenious Selfies

Recently, thousands of people in Ukraine have started uploading incredible selfies from crazy angles. These shots were taken with Drone X Pro, a brand-new type of drone that can be flown by anyone.

Drone X Pro was developed by two German engineers who tried to improve very bulky and heavy gadgets. As a result, they developed this ultra-compact, lightweight drone, all without sacrificing the main advantages of the top HD model. It's durable, easy to control, and can record live video to your phone.

First, you need to install the app (just scan the QR code in the manual). After that, plug in the battery, connect to the drone, and launch the app.

Controlling the device is intuitive and designed in such a way that even a child can handle it. The main plus is that the cost of such a drone does not exceed $100.

The Marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Is on the Verge of Collapse

Recently, there have been many rumors online that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce. Neither party has filed for divorce yet, but anonymous sources claim that West's patience is running out, and the couple is not talking to each other.

The media also leaked that Kim has a divorce plan and will file when she's ready. She allegedly doesn't want to start the official divorce proceedings until her family reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" airs, as her marriage to West is prominent in the storyline. The season will premiere on March 18.

A source for Elle US has confirmed that Kanye wants a divorce as badly as Kim does.

The Heart of Europe Project in Dubai Is Nearing Completion of Its First Phase

Approaching the $5 billion resort being built off the coast of Dubai, it's breathtaking to see such an unheard-of development. The HoE (Heart of Europe) has been under construction for two decades and forms just one part of the "World" - a vast collection of man-made islands resembling continents. Once completed, the HoE should be a luxurious centerpiece.

In the midst of a pandemic, the idea of recreating a European continent for elite vacationers who don't want to take a long trip proved ingenious. Against the backdrop of the global travel slump caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the project represents a huge opportunity to further develop tourism in Dubai - 300 man-made islands of the world rise above the Arabian Gulf while being quite remote from each other.

The project started in 2003, but the subsequent global financial crises slowed down the construction process. "Heart of Europe" consists of 15 luxury hotels, cottages, and mansions on water plots, which are already standing or in the process of completion. "Heart of Europe" is formed by six themed islands, and travelers can choose between locations modeled after Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Venice, the Côte d'Azur, and others.

The concept is that upon arrival, guests should feel like they have been transported from the scorching Arabian heat to a true paradise. Eventually, the plan is to have 147 floating villas anchored in three "colonies" around the HoE.

In the summer of 2020, while most of civilization paused, construction of the Heart of Europe boomed as crews opted to work longer hours to earn more money while remaining isolated on the job. Originally scheduled to be completed in time for Expo 2020 in Dubai, it has now been postponed until October 2021.
April 16, 2024