Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's guide to a successful party season
As the star of the jeweler's vacation campaign, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has her own Beyoncé moment with yellow diamonds in a Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. Bird on a Rock morganite suite.

Christmas looks a little different in the Huntington-Whiteley household this year. Rosie will be somewhere far away on December 25, so the business model is switching into party mode early and is the face of Tiffany & Co's 2023 Christmas campaign. Rosie, who was announced as an ambassador for the house in the summer, shines in the Bird on a Rock morganite suite by Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. and makes the 50-year-old jewelry pieces look completely modern through her minimalist glasses.

For the entrepreneur, whose usual approach is to "grab anything that makes me feel good as quickly as possible", it's not just about old stones. But as a child, watching her mother, a jewelry saleswoman who still deals with antiques today, talk about cogs and carats, she could not only spot a great piece, but also tell how the inner workings worked. That made the high-carat jewelry pieces unveiled by the white-gloved Tiffany & Co. guards at the New York campaign shoot extra special for the self-confessed accessories aficionado, who lives in the label's hardware line.

In particular, Rosie's own collection of link bracelets is her secret weapon for transforming an outfit from day to night when her calendar explodes. "I'm a super minimalist dresser, so jewelry is a way to make a look personal and unique," reveals the woman for whom a black dress will always be the best party look. "Everyone has a great style, but it's about finding out what works for you so you can present yourself with confidence. Take a look at her latest Valentino LBD - embellished, of course, with Tiffany & Co. Edge and Lock treasures - and it's clear that this is someone who knows what she needs to make her walk a little taller.

Especially in winter, the star, whose hyper-curated, ultra-muted Instagram has become a source of inspiration for fashion and interior design lovers, is at her best wearing Phoebe Philo shawl knits and Khaite neutrals. For this reason, Rosie advises against buying necklaces as Christmas gifts. No one will see your Bird on a Rock gems hiding behind a turtleneck! Instead, her beloved Knot Double Row bangle, for example, adds a pop to her cozy looks and fits in with Rosie's ethos that it's worth "splurging" on a few choice investments.

Her other PSA gift? Keepsakes. Her favorite piece, which she keeps in a blue box, is the miniature solid silver brush her brother gave Rosie for the birth of their daughter. "It sits on her bedside table and I brush her hair with it every night," says the mother-of-two, who passed on the gesture by buying a friend a similarly sweet comb with her child's initials. The passing down of Tiffany & Co. through the generations reminds Huntington-Whiteley of how, as a teenager, she coveted her own mother's heart bracelet-which read, "If lost, please return to Tiffany & Co." and which, to a little magpie, "was the fanciest thing [she'd] ever seen."

So not much has changed at the core of an individual whose product edits are now scrutinized by millions. The world may not get to see the Rosie who mourns nostalgic pieces from the noughties, but she's there, bubbling over inside in front of Alasdair McLellan's camera in this magical night shoot in Manhattan. This Christmas, despite being away from home, there will be wine, there will be presents and there will be Tiffany & Co. for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

December 21, 2023