Jane Birkin has died at the age of 76
Serge Gainsbourg's musical partner and muse to many, the actress and singer died Sunday, July 16, at the age of 76. Vogue pays tribute to the icon.

Jane Birkin had recently canceled a series of concerts due to health problems. This Sunday, July 16, Birkin, the muse, the artist, the idol, was found dead in her apartment. She was 76 years old. Vogue pays tribute to the icon.

Birkin's English accent, delicate voice and modern charm made her an idol. She arrived in France just as England was captivating the world with its cultural revolution, thanks to talents such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Mary Quant, David Bailey, Twiggy, David Hemmings and Terence Stamp. With her androgynous silhouette, doe eyes, candor, and irresistible accent, Birkin soon became the muse and companion of Serge Gainsbourg. Their flamboyant freedom, elegant panache, and highly erotic and suggestively whispered hits-such as Je t'aime... moi non plus, La Décadanse, and Sea, Sex and Sun-made them the most legendary showbiz couple of the fiery 1970s.

Although forever linked to Gainsbourg, Birkin forged her own path, both through music and on the silver screen, supported by Doillon, Rivette, Godard, Wargnier and Chéreau. She exuded an air of discretion that seemed at odds with her dazzling successes, which included such masterpieces as Je t'aime... moi non plus, Swimming Pool, La Pirate and Les Dessous chics. Her whispery, tightrope walking voice, her unfettered spontaneity and her dazzling performances in popular comedies (Lucky Pierre, La course à l'échalote, etc.) made her a national treasure. Thanks to relentless popular support, the actress and singer remains a legendary figure (her photos have become synonymous with timeless style inspiration) and a fashion icon who will continue to inspire generation after generation. Her fame as a style icon even inspired one of the world's most sought-after accessories: the Birkin bag by Hermès.

Birkin was also known for her commitment to humanitarian causes. Her work with human rights and refugee organizations highlighted critical issues and brought tangible help to those who needed it most. Her voice not only captivated the world through her music, but also spoke out on behalf of those without a platform. Her legacy goes far beyond her songs, films, or iconic style, but also lies in the impact she had on the world around her. Birkin will be missed, but her indomitable spirit will continue to inspire generations to come.

November 30, 2023