Meet Ukraine's First Digital Fashion Influencer on Instagram
In today's digital age, influencers have transcended the virtual realm to become powerful marketing tools. They attend fashion shows and exhibitions, interview celebrities, endorse brands, and even venture into the music industry. FFFACE.ME studio has introduced Ukraine's first digital influencer on Instagram, named Astra Star (@astarrastra).

Astra Star's Instagram profile primarily revolves around lifestyle, fashion, and technology. In her initial posts, Astra is seen posing against the backdrop of Bursa Hotel while donning Ukrainian brands like Ksenia Schnaider and POUSTOVIT. Subsequent posts showcase her networking endeavors at Kooperativ.

According to FFFACE.ME, Astra can generate various digital content, including photos, videos, stories, and filter tests, just like any other user. Furthermore, this digital influencer has the capacity to travel, participate in events, meet diverse individuals, and even go live on air.

Astra Star is portrayed as an 18-year-old girl who relocated from Berlin to Kiev. She is a Leo by zodiac sign, identifies as sapiosexual, practices yoga, engages in self-education, possesses a passion for fashion and style, and enjoys mixing trendy items with second-hand finds. Currently residing with friends in Kiev, her next destination hinges on her professional aspirations.

Astra's life as an influencer will unfold in real-time, encompassing activities befitting her age and status. The creators promise regular content updates and numerous collaborations with both local and international brands.

"As part of FFFACE.ME's mission, we aim to create socially responsible influencers who deliver expert content and serve as sources of inspiration, education, and pertinent news for their audiences. In addition to design, we've meticulously crafted Astra's backstory and personality. For instance, Astra abstains from unhealthy habits, pursues self-improvement, stays attuned to trends, and endeavors to share her perspectives on current events while engaging with brands and individuals," stated Dmitry Kornilov, co-founder and CEO of FFFACE.ME.

The studio assures that Astra, as a digital influencer, represents a promising partner for brands due to her versatility and capability to produce diverse content akin to traditional bloggers.

One of the most renowned digital influencers is @lilmiquela, boasting 3 million followers. She manages her TikTok account, collaborates with Calvin Klein, graces magazine covers, and creates video content alongside celebrities like Bella Hadid.
April 23, 2024