Karl Lagerfeld's Legacy: 120,000 Photographs to Be Digitized
The talent of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld remains an endless source of admiration. A significant milestone in the world of fashion is now on the horizon: the registration of 120,000 photographs captured by the designer himself will be recorded on the blockchain.

These invaluable images have been entrusted to Eric Pfrunder, the former image director of Chanel, who will oversee the process of digitizing them.

Eric Pfrunder serves on the advisory board of the blockchain network Lukso and is confident that Karl Lagerfeld would endorse this decision. The designer's photographic legacy will be explored and utilized in various formats, including publications, books, and exhibitions.

Karl Lagerfeld's passion for photography dates back to 1987, when he began shooting advertising campaigns for renowned brands and editorial photoshoots for publications like Numero, Vogue, and Interview.

The designer often expressed how photography allowed him to perceive fashion and the world around him in a way that everyday life seldom permitted. He approached the creation of images with tremendous enthusiasm and reverence.
January 09, 2024