Meryl Streep's Top Beauty Secret That Costs Nothing
Meryl Streep, aged 74, is known for her minimalist approach to beauty. The famous actress never appears in heavy makeup on the red carpet. The Hollywood star encourages the acceptance of aging, reminding us that it is a natural process of life. Streep has shared the most important rule for facial skin care, and it doesn't cost a thing.

In an interview with British journalist Fi Glover, the world-class actress revealed the secret to her natural beauty. The trick that provides the 74-year-old actress with glowing skin costs... absolutely nothing. "One of her beauty secrets is to never touch her face," the journalist relayed.

Meryl Streep's Facial Skin Care Rule. Experts Confirm Its Effectiveness
Dermatologist Mehraveh Seyyed Sayyah, operating on social media as @dr.mehss, explains why it's a good idea not to touch facial skin. "The skin is so delicate that vigorous rubbing can trigger an inflammatory reaction. Rubbing the face can also worsen skin diseases such as acne," the expert writes under one of her posts. She adds that touching the face can accelerate the aging process - lines that naturally appear when moving become static faster.

Aesthetic doctor Bridney Chantal also confirms the Hollywood star's rule. In a humorous video, she encourages not touching the skin of the face immediately after treatments. "This can cause irritation or pimples," says the expert.

Every day, we touch a large number of objects with bacteria and viruses on them. It's not just the appearance of the complexion that can deteriorate. Frequent touching of the face can cause the transmission of various infectious diseases.

Meryl Streep proves once again that less is more. Her beauty consciousness allows her to be a naturally beautiful woman. It is worth following her golden rule to take care of more than just the health of facial skin.
December 05, 2023