Writing to a modeling agency -
How do I write to a modeling agency correctly? The approach to a modeling agency is very straightforward, although many people think you need previous experience or professional photo shoots. In reality, all you need is a couple of photos and a few appointments. Let's see what the perfect modeling agency looks like.

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1 Fact: Model agencies don't have a lot of time.
2 Write to the modeling agency: Contact details and dimensions
3 References and social media accounts
4 Application photo for your cover letter
5 Perfect environment for application photos
6 Cocaine Models model application
Fact: Model agencies don't have much time
The most important rule is to keep your letter very short. After all, at a reputable, quality modeling agency, 50 to 100 applications arrive every day. If there's only one recruiter in the agency, he or she only has a few seconds for each application, on top of the agency's actual work. That's why you need to stand out with your photo, not a long cover letter.

Write to the modeling agency: contact details and dimensions
Your e-mail or letter should contain the following information:

full name
e-mail address
Telephone number
body size
This basic information should be written to your modeling agency.

References and social media accounts
You can also add some additional information, such as

URL of your Instagram channel
URL of your YouTube channel if you have more than 5,000 followers.
Experiences, if you've already had jobs or references and customers.
Referral links to YouTube or Vimeo for advertisements.
Additional information does not need to be written to your modeling agency at all. Now we come to the really important step - your photo! That's right, in the singular, the photo. You don't need an expensive photo shoot, or a professional photographer, just you and a friend or girlfriend, or your mom or dad, who will take a good photo of you in daylight. That's all there is to it.

Application photo for your cover letter
As described above, if you're looking for new faces, model recruiters don't have much time. A good modeling agency receives an average of 50 to 100 applications a day. This means that the model recruiter only has a few seconds for each application and each individual review of application documents. In addition to spotting new faces, his job also involves concluding new contracts, planning the first shoots and introducing the model to the team. So it's all about your photo! In principle, your application should contain no more than four photos, but in principle, one or two will suffice.

full body photo
Combined with your height, clothing and age, the recruiter has all the information he or she needs. The decision then only takes a few seconds. How to make your photos absolutely perfect?

The perfect environment for application photos
For your application photos, daylight is absolutely essential, as it offers the best lighting conditions and an absolutely natural glow. The light emitted by lamps lacks natural warmth and, of course, the light source is directly in the room, which also shows in the shadows. That's why you should always first make sure you're shooting in daylight. You absolutely must do without make-up - any style that distracts from your skin, hair, facial features and proportions is too much! That's why you absolutely must dispense with make-up and styling. Clothes shouldn't distract either, so you should wear black pants and a black top for a woman, or a black shirt for a man. Shoes should remain the same, simple and discreet. Let's summarize once again:

Daylight photos
A good smartphone camera is all you need
No make-up
No styling
Black pants, black top, plain shoes

These are the most important elements for your application photos. So you have the two perfect photos, the portrait and the full body. Make sure you don't laugh in either photo, be absolutely emotionless and just look at the camera. As I said, nothing should distract from you, even gestures or facial expressions. If you have your two photos, you can take a photo with a smile and a photo of the page so that you can also see yourself in the profile. This will give you four photos and the perfect basis for writing to your modeling agency!

April 13, 2023