Unique Features: The Ticket to Success as a Model
Models with successful careers all have a few things in common: a strong work ethic, assistance from a modeling agency, good health, and professionalism. However, some models stand out more than others and seem to have that "special something" that can't be precisely defined but makes them extraordinary.

So, what is that "special something" that makes some models stand out more than others, and is it innate or luck of the draw? And do you embrace the qualities that make you unique and set you apart from the crowd?

Iconic Models
Think of some of the most famous models in history. Let's take Lauren Hutton, Iman, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, and Tyra Banks. Each of them has achieved great success in the modeling industry (and in business, film, television, fashion design, and cosmetics). They are known for their modeling careers, but each of them has a specific feature that makes them instantly recognizable. Apart from their success, they all have something else in common: a unique feature that others may try to downplay or diminish, but they have chosen to embrace!

Unique Modeling Features
Lauren Hutton was one of the first models to embrace the gap in her front teeth and refused to have it filled. Georgia May Jagger and Lara Stone continue this trend today with their beautiful gap-toothed smiles. Iman has a beautiful long neck, which she emphasizes in photos instead of trying to make it look shorter. Cara Delevingne has fantastic, thick, and often unruly eyebrows that people around the world try to copy. Cindy Crawford has a beauty mark above her lip, and she has often been advised to remove or conceal it (although there are people who draw an identical beauty mark to look like her!). And Tyra Banks often jokes about her "fivehead" (referring to her forehead being larger), turning it into a playful and endearing feature.

Don't Hide!
Instead of hiding, reducing, concealing, or denying these aspects of their appearance, these models have chosen to use what makes them different to their advantage, rather than trying to be like everyone else. It turns out that celebrating and emphasizing what makes you unique or different as a model is what makes you stand out and become unforgettable! It's hard to say if these models would have had the same career path and success if they hadn't embraced their differences, but it certainly hasn't hurt their careers!

If you're an aspiring model and not sure what makes you "unique," it won't take long to find out! Is there a particular feature that people consistently point out or compliment you on? Maybe people always emphasize your long fingers. Why not use your hands more in photos to frame your face or even consider becoming a hand model? Perhaps you have freckles that you always try to cover up with makeup, when in reality, that could be exactly what a client is looking for in a model! If you have highly expressive eyes, they can be a great tool for modeling, as they bring your photos to life. The next time you consider hiding or concealing your unique features before an audition or casting, try emphasizing them instead, and it could lead to your big breakthrough in the modeling world!
April 06, 2023