How to become a model at 15: Agency, jobs and application
If you want to become a model at 15, that's exactly the right age. Normally, at this age, you're still at school, so you've got 2 or 3 years to take a look at the modeling world and do odd jobs on weekends or during your vacations. You have enough time to see if it's really the right thing for you and if you can imagine continuing modeling after school. By the age of 17-18, you'll be ready to work as a professional model and you'll already have a modeling portfolio, complete with great photos. Most of the world's best models started at the age of 14-16. If you'd like to find out more about modeling, check out the "Become a model" website or the "Become a model" blog.

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1 Do you want to be a model at 15?
2 Your first jobs: Showrooms, online stores and Instagram
2.1 Showroom: Presenting fashion to buyers
2.2 Photo shoots for online boutiques, Instagram and commercials
2.3 What's it like to model with school?
3 Models who started modeling at age 15 and up
3.1 Do it yourself: Bust, waist, hips and waist
3.2 Models worldwide: From the USA to Europe and Asia

Want to be a model at 15?
Start your modeling application!
At 15, you'll be very young, but you're getting closer and closer to the ideal age, because it pays to start young as a model. If you have the dream of becoming a model, you should always remember that you'll also need a lot of time. First of all, you need to get organized, you need to have your first experience as a model and also get the first photos for your model portfolio. Your model portfolio needs to be as complete as possible, so that clients can imagine exactly what you'll look like for their advert or photo shoot. Here's a small example: a customer is looking for a model who not only has to look good, but also be able to ride a bike. It sounds easy at first, but the poses have to be perfect in movement and the facial expressions have to match perfectly, which is a big challenge that requires a lot of experience. If you think about it a little more, it could be a couples shoot, for a contact lens manufacturer. Here too, you need to harmonize perfectly with your model partner, so that everything looks authentic and honest.

Your first jobs: showrooms, online stores and Instagram
If you've reached this goal, part acting experience, you've come a long way. But at 15, you're slowly getting to the age where it pays to work as a model. If you want to start modeling at age 15, you'll probably get your first jobs in showrooms. In a showroom, fashion designers present their new collections. Guests are buyers from major fashion chains and boutiques, both domestic and foreign.

Showroom: presenting fashion to buyers
In a showroom, no photos or videos are produced; you are only hired as a model to present the clothes. Customers can get a first-hand impression of cuts, fabrics and colors. They can also get an idea of body treatment and shape or fit.

Photo shoots for online stores, Instagram and advertisements.
Often, you'll also be hired for the first few small photo shoots, for Instagram for example. In such an Instagram shoot, the client books you directly to take 15 or 20 photos. Such shoots then take place twice a month instead of with different models. The customer can then post a new photo every day. The models are different in each photo, so the Instagram channel comes alive. These are usually the first jobs.

Of course, as soon as you have more experience, the work will be much more demanding. From shooting the online store with 30 different pieces to advertising, where in the end there's only one perfect second left, in which you're smiling. The big challenge here is that the whole set has to be perfect. If, for example, two models are hired and 50 extras in a large venue, a club, to promote a soft drink, every moment has to be perfect, meaning every actor has to play perfectly. A second day of shooting is impossible, for personal and organizational reasons, and it would be very expensive!

February 23, 2023