Men's fragrances: the 7 sexiest new scents for winter
In the world of perfume, winter is not necessarily synonymous with woody and opulent juices, as freshness has also its place. These 7 icy scents with a twist of sensual notes are as invigorating as a breath of fresh air.

An icy wind is blowing through men's fragrances. Here's a look at the most intoxicating scents of the winter, to exalt the senses in a splash when temperatures are plummeting. 

1. Hermes
We know by heart the dry and spicy notes of Terre d'Hermès, one of the best-selling men's fragrances in France. Christine Nagel has created an intensely frosty version: "With this new creation, I wanted to challenge the received idea that freshness is synonymous with lightness. Juice like a breath of the Arctic, translated by an incisive accord of citron and the vivacity of Timut pepper, enveloped in a mineral breath, with just the right amount of wood.

2. Cartier
A plant-y breath of rare elegance. Racy notes of cedar mingle with a wind of spices and citrus leaves. The result is the sensation of an invigorating walk in the middle of nature, in the shade of trees, as the sun declines.

3. Guerlain
The inspiration? The power of a galloping horse. Olfactively, this ardor is translated by the vegetal radiance of hemp and notes of nervous rose, patinated by an oriental patchouli/leather/vanilla line.

4. Kenzo
Imagine the pure scent of a sea breeze, the aromatic power of bamboo, a textured wood accord... Inspired by the idea of lush nature, this fragrance feels like a fresh slap in the face.

5. Caron
Perfumer Jean Jacques revisits Caron's cult fragrance and is inspired by the motivation felt at the dawn of a new day. The pure scent of Provençal lavender blends with an intoxicating extract of CO2 ginger, obtained through a cold process, to be as close as possible to the original vivacity of the spice.

6. Byredo
Byredo fragrances are always chic and unlike any other. This one is a condensation of velvety green notes, bursting with nature: mandarin leaves, neroli blossom, bamboo, and fusing lavender. Exquisite.

7. Parfums de Marly
A whirlwind of citrus fruits, bright, transparent, vibrant. We recognize the crisp scent of green apple and mandarin peel, combined with the sunny glow of Sicilian bergamot and petitgrain... An olfactory wink to the beautiful days in the heart of winter. 

8. Bvlgari
A one-way ticket to the Mediterranean Sea with this fragrance that reproduces the invigorating effect of the Mistral. Intense sandalwood contrasts with a heart of vibrant, mysterious, and powerful ginger.

February 21, 2023