Here is the story behind Lady Diana's iconic "revenge dress"
How can we not mention it, at a time when season 5 of "The Crown" is breaking all records on Netflix?

Everyone who watched season 5 of The Crown on Netflix was able to admire Elizabeth Debicki who was stunning as Lady Diana. Surprisingly, the resemblance between the two women is striking and as close to reality as possible. The 32-year-old actress had to slip into several outfits similar to those worn by the Princess of Wales. One, in particular, has marked history with a capital H: the little black dress for which Lady Diana opted during a party at the Serpentine Gallery, a few days after her divorce from Prince Charles. The term “revenge dress” was born.

All you need to know about Lady Diana's "revenge dress”:
Back in 1994, it has been two years since Lady Diana separated from Prince Charles. Of course, the whole world followed with a magnifying glass the tumult of their relationship throughout their marriage which lasted fifteen years (they separated in 1992, but divorced only four years later, in 1996). Humiliated by her husband, Lady Diana quickly won the compassion of the public, while Prince Charles was perceived as a cad in the hearts of the British.

It was at that moment, on June 29th, 1994, that he decided to reconquer the population and give an interview to the journalist Jonathan Dimbleby, in which he confided about his children, the pressure he underwent from the media and tabloids, but especially about his marriage with the Princess of Wales. During this interview, questions about Camilla Parker-Bowles (his current wife and by extension, the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom) were flying, but Prince Charles explained at the time that she was only a "dear friend". The British were not fooled.

That evening, Lady Diana was the guest of honor at a party held at the Serpentine Gallery in London. As she got out of her car, the public and the whole world discovered her metamorphosed in a black cocktail dress signed by the Greek designer Christina Stambolian. The young woman decided to play the sexy card with this outfit revealing her cleavage, associated with a pair of black tights, and matching pumps. A proof of boldness from the Princess of Wales who could never wear this kind of dress in normal times, according to the protocol of the royal family.

Why this revenge dress has found itself on the front page of all tabloids, and became the most iconic dress of Lady Diana? Because with this choice, she proved to the world that she was a free and independent woman. Since then, other personalities whose hearts have been broken have shown up in their own revenge dress: let's mention Kate Moss in September 2007, who walked the red carpet in a sublime gold dress after her breakup with Pete Doherty, or Jennifer Aniston in October 2005, after her divorce with Brad Pitt.

February 07, 2023