Fall-Winter 2022-2023 fashion: the star pieces, bags, shoes, and colors
Timeless pieces, seasonal trends, must-have accessories...
What are the fashion trends for fall-winter 2022-2023? What will we wear and how? What star pieces and accessories should we invest in?

What are the fashion trends for fall-winter 2022-2023? 
On the catwalk, the fall-winter 2022-2023 collections are nostalgic, with the great return of the '00s. Between unexpected revivals and great classics of the wardrobe, the wardrobe of this season makes the subtle bet of a minimalist fashion and is still ultra-feminine. Games of shine and transparency, chromatic experiments, new lengths, revisited grand soir... Fall-Winter 2022-2023 redraws the contours of a new silhouette, playing the clash of styles.

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Jacket, jeans, dress... Zoom on the trends piece by piece
Between trends propelled by fashionable girls, catwalk inspirations, and recommendations from pros and designers... The possibilities are numerous.

The dress 
For fall-winter 2022-2023, the dress is getting longer and is imagined in maxi variations. We choose it as is for a bohemian style. Another star material to adopt to boost your fashion quotient is knitwear.

The jacket
The blazer remains one of the ultimate investments of the season, it is worn oversized, in leather or velvet. Other classics are also making a comeback like the leather jacket, the safari jacket, the parka, or the classic bomber. More chic and light, the quilted jacket is the ideal alternative to face cooling temperatures. 

The jeans
If we had to keep only one flagship jean for this year, it would be this one. The Levi's 501 90, a model that can be worn by both men and women, available in four colors, its aesthetic is slightly worn for a vintage effect in the air of time. 

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The pants 
This season the pants are declined according to our desires. Legging, puddle pants, capris, cargo, or split pants... There are many styles. 

The skirt
As for skirts, a retro wind is blowing on fall-winter 2022-2023: maxi length and school girl twist sign the skirt stars of the season.

The coat
Sometimes timeless, sometimes based on seasonal trends, two major coat trends stand out for Fall-Winter 2022-2023: the pink coat based on the Barbiecore trend, the down jacket, the essential trench coat, or the 2-in-1 coat, a cross between a scarf and a pea coat.

The sweater
In two words: comfort and fashion. The sweater is also making its comeback by imposing itself in our wardrobe as the essential of the season. We choose it with vintage inflections for a return to the 80s or cashmere for a chic and timeless style. 

What are the shoes that we will see everywhere?
Because they remain one of the essential accessories of a look, here are the shoes that will make the fall-winter 2022-2023. Believe it or not, this season they are upgrading to spats. 

The classics 
Slingbacks, loafers, ballerinas, Birkenstock, derbies, or kitten heels we tell you which model to adopt. 

The boots
Thigh-high boots, rainboots with extra fashion, santiags ... Find the latest boot trends for fall-winter and exclusive recommendations: 

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Whether they're from star-studded collaborations or have become true fashion timelessness, these sneakers seen on influential girls are rising to the rank of streetwear essential. 

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What bags will make the fall-winter season? 
Simple accessory or centerpiece, the bag has this unique gift to make almost a look on its own. If this summer, baskets were at the top of our wish list, this winter, we oscillate between iconic models or borrowed from the men's wardrobe. Here are the bags to invest in. 

The most fashionable colors and prints 
If brown seems to be the (more fashionable) alternative to the all-black silhouette, fir green is shaping up to be the color obsession of the next twelve months. Less expected, after the Barbiecore pink was reviewed and corrected by Schiapparelli then Valentino, the Marylin pink makes a jump in the research. Will our red dresses at the end of the year be dyed pink? It is very likely. 

January 31, 2023