Barbiecore: How to embrace this 100% pink trend?
The Barbiecore look is everywhere. It's easy to make the trend your own: pink, pink, and even more pink.

Add this word to your fashion dictionary: Barbiecore. Since the first images of the movie “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were released, a new fashion trend seems to be surfacing: #Barbiecore.

Barbie is the unlikely muse of 2022. The antithesis of the emo or gothic look, the Barbie style is about being pretty in pink. Take a cue from Margot Robbie, who lives her life as a true platinum blonde bombshell on the set of the film. The actress was photographed strutting her stuff in a western outfit and vest, and rollerblading in a neon sports outfit reminiscent of 80s aerobics. Her Ken, Ryan Gosling, matched her vibrant looks, sporting the same hair fade as well as a multitude of similar looks. 

Meanwhile, Hollywood's favorite lovers Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are Barbie and Ken's rivals. The duo both opted for full pink looks at the premiere of the documentary Life In Pink, directed by the singer. They both wore creations of London designers: Megan Fox arrived in Nensi Dojaka, winner of the LVMH 2021 Award, and MGK in Chet Lo, a rising star among designers. The next day, Megan Fox continued her Barbie-inspired looks in a metallic pink crop top/skirt ensemble from The Andamane, worn with a crystal mini-bag from L'Alingi.

Kim Kardashian jumped on the trend
Among other celebrities embracing the pink-or-nothing trend is Kim Kardashian. Earlier this month, she swapped her usual black gothic-style pants by Balenciaga for a powder pink equivalent, complete with a cropped hoodie and a pink rhinestone-encrusted Balenciaga Hourglass bag.

Valentino pink, a precursor 
While Barbie pink may be everywhere right now, the perfect shade belongs to Pierpaolo Piccioli, as far as the fashion world is concerned. Valentino's creative director has dedicated his entire Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection to hot pink, developed in collaboration with Pantone. From coats to pants to shoes... everything was pink.

It's the perfect pink for the #Barbiecore look, as evidenced by the countless stars who have worn pieces from the collection. Lizzo, for example, sported a Barbie look in a ruffled dress, tights, and mega platforms at a screening this month; Simone Ashley unleashed her inner Barbie at the BAFTAs; Dua Lipa wore Valentino pink while on tour, and Sebastian Stan was a veritable brown Ken in pink at this year's Met Gala. 

Another celebrity to have recently succumbed to this trend? Anne Hathaway, in the front row of the Valentino haute couture fall-winter 2022/2023 show, which took place on Friday, July 8th in Rome. The American actress, whose latest fashion facts are countless and always on the lookout for seasonal trends, had set her heart on a look signed by the house, composed of a dress with sequins accessorized with platform sandals of the brand, which is not present any more nowadays. 

Dua Lipa challenges the style of Barbie
Setting the stage for her concert in a Balenciaga fuchsia jumpsuit or evening dressed in a total Valentino look, Dua Lipa had already succumbed to the trend. The singer has again challenged Barbie's style. On July 27th, she shared a picture of her on Instagram, appearing in a look signed by Vivienne Westwood. The key piece? A pink zip corset top 100% Barbie world style. 

Justin Bieber is modeled on Ryan Gosling
It is resounding in the fashion sphere. While Justin Bieber usually cultivates a style with both street and sportswear inflections, he let himself get carried away by barbiecore influences. Activating all the fashion radars, the singer went on stage at Kaisaniemi Park in Helsinki, on August 9th, 2022, dressed in pink. He wore his candy pink leather effect pants, already seen on stage a few months ago, associated with a tank top and an XXL pearl necklace in the same shades, as well as fuchsia pink Nike gloves. He added to this total barbiecore look, his favorite piece: a white New Era cap and a white Balenciaga vest.

Kris Jenner is inspired by Zendaya for her latest look which is 100% Barbiecore 
Kim, Kourtney... Kris Jenner's daughters have also succumbed to the trend, but it's Zendaya, Pierpaolo Piccioli's muse, who inspired her latest look. At the launch party of Kylie Cosmetics x Ulta Beauty, one of the largest U.S. companies specializing in the distribution of beauty products, the mother of the Kardashian-Jenner clan appeared in a 100% Barbiecore look, wearing a pink Valentino suit dotted with flowers. It was the same suit that she wore during the Valentino fall-winter 2022-2023 show in Paris. In Barbie sharp, Kris Jenner associated this set with a sequin bag and silver metallic pumps, all from the fashion house. 

Serena Williams twists Barbie's style 
It's not just on the tennis court that she's doing great things. On Wednesday, September 14th, the tennis legend was among the most influential personalities in the front row of the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week. To take place next to Anna Wintour, Anne Hathaway, or Vanessa Hudgens, Serena Williams opted for a look of choice, succumbing in turn to the Barbiecore trend. She wore a bright pink double-breasted blazer over a lighter sequin top, with matching straight pants and silver sandals from the brand. As accessories? She chose stud earrings, a gold watch, and a heart-shaped pendant necklace. 

In a Versace dress, Lily James appropriates the trend of Barbiecore
The fashionable personalities have redoubled their creativity to take place among the front row of the Milanese fashion shows, as evidenced by the look of Lily James. To go to the Versace fashion show, the actress abandoned the black shades she wore in the fall-winter 2022-2023 Greca Goddess campaign for the shade of Barbie. Dressed by stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, she wore a pink Versace corset dress with the platform pumps we no longer need to introduce and gold creoles. A dress that is, by the way, reminding us of the dress that Hailey Bieber wore to challenge the style of Barbie. 

Jessica Alba adheres, in turn, to the trend of Barbiecore
Nobody gets tired of the Barbiecore trend. Stars continue to dress in pink and Jessica Alba is no exception, as evidenced by her latest look. To go on stage at The 2022 Makers Conference in California, the actress wore a pink outfit consisting of a cropped shirt matched with suit pants. A look that has left no one indifferent.

Anya Taylor-Joy brilliantly adopts the style of Barbie
After a remarkable appearance in an ultra-chic black slipdress, the actress of “The Menu” confirms her fashion status in the streets of New York on the 15th of November 2022 by opting for a pink silhouette modeled on the lingerie trend. 

December 20, 2022