Toteme, a favorite of fashion minimalists, launches jewelry
Toteme, the Swedish fashion brand by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, known for its minimalist aesthetic, is expanding into jewelry. "I've always had the vision of designing complementary pieces to our collections," says Kling, the label's creative director. "It's very exciting to finally be able to offer our first jewelry line."

Since founding Toteme in 2014, Kling and Lindman have positioned the label as a resource that offers a curated uniform for the modern woman. They've already had success expanding into shoes (2019) and bags (2022), so jewelry was a natural next step. The 13 pieces in the first collection, which will be relaunched every two years, offer the architectural quality and elevated simplicity that the duo specialize in.

The enamel bangles are part of the fashion jewelry offering. According to Kling, the designs "complement an effortless way of dressing" and "make a statement at the same time". Neither oversized nor overbearing in color or concept, they include delicate chain link necklaces, diamond-studded cigar rings and enamel bangles.

The brand's expansion comes amid similar moves by luxury brands that see possibilities beyond the costume jewelry seen on the runways (including Prada and Saint Laurent). Kling approached the category as a jewelry aficionado. "Jewelry has always had an emotional resonance for me," she says. "Some of my most treasured pieces are the simple vintage pieces that I wear every day." The launch includes both costume and fine jewelry ranging in price from £338 to £2177.

What is Kling's must-have piece? Two spring to mind: "The enamel bracelets, I like the idea of collecting them over time," she says. "And the cigar ring that you wear over your knuckles is another favorite, it goes perfectly with my wedding rings."
May 09, 2024