A New Kind of Eco-Leather: adidas Releases Sneakers Made of Mushrooms
In line with their sustainability strategy, adidas has unveiled the latest iteration of the Stan Smith model, crafted from mushrooms.

These shoes are constructed using Mylo, an eco-friendly and renewable material that could potentially become a prevalent alternative to traditional leather, thanks to its rapid growth cycle of just two weeks.

How Is This Eco-Alternative to Leather Made from Mushrooms?

This innovative material, developed in collaboration with biotech company Bolt Threads, originates from mycelium—the subterranean roots of mushrooms. Mylo is cultivated on a farm in the Netherlands, where the mushrooms grow on a medium resembling a forest floor, comprised of sawdust and organic substances that transform the mycelium into a foamy, marshmallow-like layer.

After two weeks, this foam is harvested and subjected to a proprietary treatment method rooted in the principles of green chemistry, according to the company. Subsequently, it undergoes tanning and dyeing processes to yield a material that closely resembles natural leather in look and feel. Importantly, the remaining waste is composted, underscoring the environmental advantages of Mylo.

Is This New Material the Future?

"Introducing Mylo as a new material is a significant stride toward our ambitious objective of eradicating plastic waste. We must embrace collaboration with nature, rather than opposition to it, and diligently seek innovative solutions that are produced responsibly and originate from rapidly renewable resources," remarks Amy Jones Waterlaus, General Manager of the Future Division at adidas.

The ivory-hued sneakers feature a minimalist design, complete with perforated three stripes akin to the classic Stan Smith. The model is embellished with the brand's distinctive logo on the tongues, while a natural rubber midsole provides a striking contrast.

The release date for the Stan Smith Mylo™ has not yet been disclosed.
January 30, 2024