How to Become a Model in Europe - Measurements and All the Details
Paris, Milan, London. Europe has a lot to offer in the modeling industry. The goal of every aspiring model is to pose one day in Paris or walk the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Even cities like Istanbul have much to offer due to the various productions that take place there, and models residing in Istanbul have the advantage of being close to clients. However, it's important to keep in mind that the work offered there might not be as well-paid as in other modeling hubs.

If you want to become a model in Europe, you need to have the right measurements. The major markets are very strict when it comes to height and body measurements.

Requirements for Women in Europe:

Height: 174-180cm
Bust: 80-94 cm
Waist: 55-65 cm
Hips: 85-93 cm
Slim silhouette
You must have a specific look
Requirements for Men in Europe:

Height: 186-190 cm
Slim to athletic build
For your first application to a modeling agency, make sure to provide accurate measurements and be completely honest.

Advantages of a Major Market:

You won't receive the same level of exposure to potential employers in a small market. Small markets usually offer opportunities in commercial modeling only. If you want to make a name for yourself, your best option is to work in a major market.

A larger market naturally has a higher demand for the same services. Working in a major market simply offers more job opportunities. The higher number of advertising, editorial, and other marketing or content production agencies in a major market creates a greater demand for models.

This aspect follows the previous two. While there are poorly paid modeling jobs at all levels and in all markets, major markets are more likely to offer the best-paid jobs.

Disadvantages of a Major Market:

Not only will you have to compete with a larger number of people for the same jobs, but many of them have also come to major markets for the same reason as you: better modeling opportunities. This means not only inflated competition numbers but also tougher competition in terms of quality.

In smaller markets, where opportunities for models are fewer, there are also fewer scams. Additionally, when an organization is discovered as a scam, it is much harder to hide that fact in a smaller market. Unfortunately, with more opportunities, it becomes easier for scammers to target naive or new potential models in the hustle and bustle of major markets.

With an abundance of potential models, employers in major markets have the luxury of being more selective. This means that the criteria for potential models are inflated due to the greater competition. As a result, someone who might be an excellent candidate for modeling in a smaller market may not find the same opportunities in a larger market.

July 20, 2023