The must-have sports accessories to sculpt a dream body
Whether you're a fitness or yoga enthusiast, Vogue takes a look at the equipment you need to tone your figure and stay motivated.

Last year's confinements confirmed the trend: the home gym is more popular than ever. In order to keep your good sports resolutions and sculpt your figure more quickly, it is necessary to be well-equipped, even at home. Don't worry, there's no need to devote an entire room to your sports practice, a shelf is enough to store the most basic equipment. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned yogi, here's a review of the essential sports accessories you need to work out effectively and sculpt a dream body. 

The sports accessories to have for fitness sessions  
A comfortable training mat 
It is essential to every sports session, especially during exercises of sheathing or abs: the fitness mat is one of the first accessories to invest in. Unlike the yoga mat, we choose a firm mat to resist shocks and the wearing of sneakers, but also thick enough to offer optimal comfort.  

Sewing dumbbells 
Ideal for getting out of your comfort zone, dumbbells allow you to quickly develop your muscle mass. For beginners, it is recommended to use light weights while more experienced users can increase the load. The ultimate pair of dumbbells to own to motivate yourself to excel? This gold model of 3kg signed Versace and sublimated to the emblematic logo of the Italian fashion house, the Medusa. The assurance of an ultra-fashionable workout. 

Flexible weights
Another alternative to quickly and effectively sculpt your figure or to learn pilates: is soft weights to be worn either on the wrists or ankles. The advantage? The range is available in a variety of colors, from Antarctic gray to candy pink, through sorbet orange. 

A smart skipping rope 
It promotes endurance, is a great heart workout, and as a bonus, burns calories in an awesome way: the jump rope has a lot going for it. Incorporated into a HIIT session, it boosts your metabolism even more. To increase the effectiveness of its workouts, choose it connected: with a battery life of 36 hours, this skipping rope can, with the help of magnetic sensors, accurately calculate the number of jumps and track the number of calories burned.

A neoprene kettlebell 
In the practice of CrossFit or fitness, the kettlebell is the essential accessory to diversify your exercises, work on your flexibility and even do your stretching. Choose one that is heavier than your pair of dumbbells, between 6 and 8 kilos for beginners. Advice: recommend a curved model with a neoprene coating for more comfort.

A sturdy swiss ball
To add intensity to your sit-ups, or to make your abdominal exercises more fun, the swiss ball is a good alternative because it stimulates the stabilizing muscles. Be careful, however, to choose a sturdy model to avoid any risk of bursting.

Resistant elastic bands
Elastic bands have many advantages when it comes to practicing sports: they don't take up any space, they can be slipped in anywhere, they are inexpensive, and are just as suitable for cardio, pilates, yoga, or stretching sessions. These ones, made of recycled fibers, from the collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney, have three different levels of resistance, for a more or less vigorous intensity. The plus: their vitaminized colors.

The ultimate in connected bikes
Specially designed for home workouts, dynamo+ offers live classes with energetic coaches specially trained for this type of session. Recently, Dynamo launched a premium version of its connected bike. It includes a screen to follow the sessions more easily and is equipped with a double resistance for customizable exercises that amplify the effort. Bonus: shoes, dumbbells, and three months of free subscription are included in the price.

A pair of adapted sneakers
Puma's latest addition, these sneakers have a clean, minimalist look and are specially designed for fitness training. They have a lightweight, cushioned sole that makes it easy to bounce back for a comfortable workout.

A pair of ultra-chic rollerblades
To melt calories at full speed, rollerblading, with its deliciously regressive charm, is the ultimate sport to practice outdoors. Our favorite? These retro-style roller skates created by Hermès bring a couture look to city walks or seaside excursions.

The equipment to have for yoga sessions 
 An ultra-soft yoga mat
With a thickness of 6mm, this candy pink foam mat brings comfort and stabilization thanks to its non-slip surface specially designed for the practice of yoga. 

A cork yoga brick 
Recommended especially for beginner yogis, yoga bricks ensure balance, intensify posture and improve flexibility. How to choose the best one? By choosing natural and environmentally friendly fibers such as cork, like this brick from Yoga Searcher. Bonus: it was made in Portugal by an eco-responsible company.

A yoga strap designed for stretching
To progress more and more in your practice or to carry out more sustained stretching, a yoga strap can quickly prove to be essential, especially when you are a beginner. Equipped with rings to make it easier to grip, this strap should help you gain confidence and flexibility.

Last but not least... 
A logotype sportswear 
It's a proven fact: having a nice gym outfit helps keep you motivated in the long run. The editors of Vogue Paris imagined a set decorated with stars and composed of leggings and a bra designed in a fair way in workshops in Portugal. Warning, quantities are very limited.  

A pastel gourd 
Inspired by the resolutely girly universe, the inspiration of Prada's little sister brand, this metal water bottle is dressed in a baby blue lacquer. As a bonus, it has a clip closure so you can attach it to your sports outfit.
July 18, 2023