Kate Middleton: raw food, bodybuilding, and yoga... The Duchess of Cambridge's wellness routine
What is Kate Middleton's wellness routine? A constant and varied physical activity, associated with a diet based on fruits and raw vegetables throughout the day, and with more comforting dishes in the evening... 

The British media have long nicknamed it "Size 6" ... And for good reason: after three pregnancies, Kate Middleton, always so dazzling, retains an ultra-fit, slender but muscular woman. 
Her secret? Start each day with a jog, followed by sheathing exercises. A muscular routine, essential to the well-being of the Duchess of Cambridge, which she twists with rowing, swimming, or yoga sessions. To keep her energy at its peak and preserve her slender figure, Kate Middleton combines these regular sports workouts with a healthy diet, full of vitamins and free of processed products. A raw food enthusiast, Kate Middleton mainly prefers a raw food diet, which allows her to keep all the good nutrients of fruits and vegetables. But without forgetting pleasure, as the Duchess of Cambridge told the Daily Express. 

What does Kate Middleton really eat in a day?

1. Breakfast
We have seen: being a very athletic woman, the Duchess of Cambridge practices running followed by exercise daily. It is therefore essential to rely on foods full of good vitamins to ensure these sports sessions. If some prefer to train on an empty stomach, experts agree that it is advisable to opt for a light breakfast. The Duchess, therefore, relies on oatmeal, the ideal food to fill up on energy because they are very rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, and easy to digest. The Duchess is also known for preparing her own smoothies. Her favorite recipe? Kale (diuretic) + spirulina (antioxidant) + matcha (immunity booster) + spinach (satiating) + romaine (source of fiber) + blueberries (antioxidant). A delicious blend that helps maintain healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

2. Lunch
A raw food enthusiast, Kate Middleton prefers organic food, eaten raw at lunchtime. The advantages of this way of eating are well known: eating raw food keeps intact the vitamins, trace elements, and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables that are altered during cooking. Her favorite recipe? The sweet and sour watermelon salad, mixed with avocado, onion, cucumber, and feta cheese, which went viral a few days ago. All of this is accompanied by vegetable brochettes or lentil curry: the ideal lunch to feel full and energized, all in a light way.

3. Snacks
Raw fruit or vegetables, or a handful of goji berries... As snacks, Kate Middleton sticks to small amounts of energy-boosting foods. She is also known for her consumption of popcorn, which, contrary to what one might think, is a perfectly balanced snack if it is not sprinkled with sugar.

4. Dinner
While the Duchess eats very light foods throughout the day, she opts for more traditional (and also richer) dishes at dinner time. The Duchess likes to cook with her children, pizzas, pasta dishes, cakes, or roast chicken, Prince William's favorite dish. Sushi is also very popular with the couple, and Kate Middleton does not hesitate to experiment with bold recipes, with original fish like sashimi of wild geoduck finely sliced.
For dessert, Kate Middleton lets herself be tempted by a sticky toffee pudding, a typically English sweet made with dates and caramel sauce. Finally, Prince William would serve her from time to time a small glass of gin and tonic, once the children are in bed ..

June 27, 2023