Elsa Hosk: her 5 secrets to keep her figure and build her body
Elsa Hosk, the Swedish Victoria's Secret Angel is now 34 years old. Lover of healthy food and sports enthusiast, we gleaned on her Instagram account for her 5 best-kept beauty secrets for a sharp and 100% toned figure.
Swedish model Elsa Hosk never ceases to inspire her 8 million followers on Instagram with her cutting-edge outfits and beautiful looks. She also doesn't hesitate to share bits of her sports routine and her healthy habits... Zoom.
What are Elsa Hosk's secrets for a toned body?

1. Practice stretching
The Swedish model Elsa Hosk does not skimp on stretching sessions, the wellness practice prized by all top models in sight to lengthen the silhouette. A perfect routine for a complete muscular recovery, which she does regularly to reconnect with her body and her mind. After each session, she confides on her Instagram account to feel "more slender". Her two favorite gyms in New York? SLT Strengthen・Lengthen・Tone - with work on a Megaformer machine - and Outer Reach.

2. Adopt a plant-based diet
It was while watching the Netflix series The Game Changers that the top model chose to radically change her diet. On the menu: a diet that favors plants and vegetables and especially lentils that have "positive effects on the body" says Elsa Hosk on Instagram. And for good reason: if they are good for keeping the form, lentils are also an excellent source of fiber, protein, and iron and contain real antioxidant virtues.

3. Work out twice a day
To sculpt her figure, Elsa Hosk relies on two daily workouts. In the morning, she prefers HIT workouts to get her day off to a great start. Like an online Pilates session with The Pilates Class. In the evening, she prefers gentle methods such as stretching to ensure restful nights. A perfectly balanced and meticulous sports routine.

4. Strengthening muscles while having fun
As soon as she can, she joins Megan Roup, the creator of The Sculpt Society, a fitness method with a cardio dance twist. The result? A deep muscle workout that ensures rock-hard abs and streamlined legs.

5. Play basketball
The passion she has cultivated since childhood is basketball! A sport that she plays to let off steam and to expend her energy, and which always gives her so much pleasure...

June 13, 2023