Now kitten heels are back
Make a comeback once again.

In the wake of the pandemic, shops experienced a surge in demand for high heels and they should ideally be as high as possible. It was perhaps not so strange after a couple of years where we met minimal people and the only people who saw us were colleagues over zoom. Only from the waist up, of course.

Now it might seem like we're ready to tone it down a notch or two. Kitten heels are in the air like never before. This means that the heels are under five centimeters in height.

This is good news for those of you who are not so much a fan of walking in sky-high heels, but still want something a little more than flat shoes. Then this is the perfect middle ground.

The shoes have their origins in the 50s, but keep coming back.
Did you know that the name comes from the fact that they were primarily intended for young girls who were to learn to walk in high heels?

They became more than that. Heels were also popular in the 2000s, and particularly variants in strong colors characterized the fashion scene at that time. Now there are usually simpler variants that can be seen.

Vogue, which first mentions the comeback, points out that the shoes are both sophisticated and comfortable. This means that you can combine kitten heels with both jeans and skirts, and actually wear them all day.

Recently, kitten heels have been seen everywhere.
The shoes have appeared on social media, on the catwalk, in street-style images during fashion weeks, and at discount chains.

During Paris Fashion Week last month, there were, to put it mildly, many people wearing low heels on their feet outside the shows.

If you want to jump on the trend and go shopping for a pair of kitten heels, it is not difficult to find. Several of the high street chains, such as Zara and & Other Stories have kitten heels in their stores now.

April 18, 2023