Rihanna graced the cover of Vogue
Rihanna has become the featured star of the November issue of American Vogue. This is not surprising, because thanks to the launch of her brand Fenty and her recent private show at New York Fashion Week of the Savage X Fenty lingerie collection, the singer is on a wave of hype. The author of the images was Ethan James Green.

In an interview with the publication, Rihanna shared the story of launching her own clothing brand, Fenty.

"I didn't expect that Bernard Arnault, the executive director of LVMH, would ask me to create my own brand. I thought, 'Really? Is he sure? What, right now?" And then I was left alone with this opportunity and a really big risk for everyone involved. I thought, "You've never been afraid to try something new, regardless of the outcome." So I took the offer, and we went for broke," she said.

It took a year to put together a team (it's now 44 people) and develop the concept of the brand. According to Rihanna, with the brand Fenty, she promised herself from the beginning that she would only do what she liked.

"I'm not the face of my brand, but I am the muse, and my DNA has to go through it," the designer says. - I don't want anyone to open my website and think that Rihanna will never wear this."

When asked about her personal life, Rihanna confirmed her relationship with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. The couple has been together for three years, but they don't advertise their relationship.

"Yes, I'm in a relationship. I've been in a unique relationship for quite some time and things are going well, so I'm happy," she commented. 

When asked about children, the singer replied that she wants to be a mom.

Last year, Rihanna refused to perform at the Super Bowl. The singer supported American football player Colin Kaepernick whom, in 2016 as a protest against racism, defiantly refused to get up from the bench to the sound of the U.S. anthem. For that, Kaepernick was ldropped from his club. By her refusal to perform at the Super Bowl, Rihanna expressed her disagreement with the position of the National Football League (NFL).

"I can't be venal. I can't be an enabler. There are things going on in this (NFL) organization that I don't agree with," Rihanna said.

She also expressed anger over the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, in which 31 people were killed and 51 injured, and President Donald Trump's double standard on guns.

"It's devastating," she said. - People are being killed with guns that they are legally acquiring. It's just not normal. It should never be normal. And what about the fact that because of the color of their skin, these murders are classified under another category? It's a slap in the face. He's a racist. Put an Arab man with the same gun in the same Walmart, for example, and there's no way Trump would publicly announce that he has mental health issues. It seems that the most mentally ill person in America right now is the president."

September 20, 2022