30 quotes by Karl Lagerfeld that make you think twice
He was not afraid to risk the reputation of the House of Chanel and he reconsidered classic designs, thus defeating the brand. He supported the spirits of the sexual revolution of the 90s by bringing professional dancers and strippers to the podium at the Fendi fashion show. Karl Lagerfeld managed for decades to keep his place at the center of attention. 

This man, who had a strong personal brand, was known not only for his corporate style, zuhlvaliruyimi invention and unconventional approach to creativity, but also for his harsh opinions. Because of this, he has repeatedly found himself in fierce scandals, criticizing Angela Merkel for her inability to choose a suit of appropriate style and color, Michelle Obama for her inappropriate hairstyle, and Adele for not accepting her own fidelity. Karl Lagerfeld has always been a straightforward person, and his statements were called "lagerfeldisms. Some of them we have collected in our next selection. 

About style and fashion 
Sporty pants - a sign of illness. They've lost control over their own lives, that's why they bought them.

Fashion - is not only about clothes, it's about a different kind of change.

Never use the word “cheap". Today, anyone can look good in inexpensive clothes, because anybody can buy them. Good design is now present in different price segments. You can be the most elegant in the world just in a T-shirt and jeans - everything depends only on you.

It is impossible to look overly elegant or too modest in a small black cloth. 

If you feel that designers are complaining about the problems of their profession, say: "Do not get too carried away, it's only cloth.

Fashion is about the present, the mitts. The best thing that can happen to a cloth is that it will be worn. Fashion is not about museum pieces.

About photography.  
What I like about photos is that they capture the moment, which is gone, which cannot be realized.

About creativity. 
Most of the ideas that I devote to, I see in my dreams. The best ideas are the ones I find. There are no shortcuts. The idea must be like a blitz. I can doodle faster than I can speak. There are people who are afraid of something new, but that is not me.

As for me, the problem is not in searching for an idea, but finding people who can implement it.

I like to combine madness and discipline. 

I am like a television antenna - I catch signals from the air and transform them in my own way.

About the change of epochs. 
When people talk about the good old days, I say to them, "These are not the good old days, you are old. I hate the good old days. The important thing is that today is good.”
Forget the past. If you are nostalgic, your time is over. We must adapt to the present, for it does not adapt to us. 

If you start to criticize the era in which you live, your time is over. 

About me 
My main problem in life is my anxiety about the outside world. 

Frankly speaking, I really want to live to a ripe old age. I am convinced that there will be so many discoveries - I just can not miss it. 

Trying is easy. I can accidentally forget, but not forgive. I give priority to forgiveness. 

I sleep for seven years a day. If I go to bed with the other one, I sleep with the other one. If I go to bed at night, I get up at night. I do not go to bed early - the house can get cold, but I will sleep for seven years at least. 

I hate intellectual discourse. I am interested only in my own opinion. 

About diet. 
I lost 40 kilograms to wear Edie Sliman costumes.

About books. 
Every book you buy is worth paying for with your time to read them. 

Books are drugs in a hardcover. I'm a happy book junkie. 

About the world and people. 
We live in a foggy, romantic and very tragic world. 

When I was a child, I wanted to stay in bed longer, but my nanny told me, "He who gets up late doesn't achieve anything in life.

Do not be a hypocrite, a racist, a sexist, and do not judge people by their attitudes. 

Do what makes you happy. Forget about the money and other pastries that are usually considered success. If you are happy working in a farm store, do it. Remember that we only have one life. 

I have a good relationship with everyone, except for men my age. They are pushy and tedious. 

Never say "I could have done it. Because you did not do it.”

About love  
The only form of love that I believe in is a mother's love for her child. 

About children
Children grow so quickly that you do not have time to realize that you are already standing in order with an older person, and not with a little one. This gives you a hundred years to live. I do not want to look like that. 

May 17, 2022