Jean-Paul Gaultier: "Beauty is when you are yourself."
"I didn't study fashion, so I've never been boxed in. My taste was shaped by fashion magazines and rock stars of my generation: Bowie, Jagger, the Beatles. By the way, it was a very important moment in men's fashion. The boys were no longer afraid to look feminine, they wore shirts with lace, dye. I feel very close to that.

Despite the fact that Gaultier had no specialized training in clothes design, at the age of 18 he was hired by the famous Pierre Cardin fashion house, where from 1974 he was developing collections for the American market. Jean Paul Gaultier presented his first collection in 1976 and within a few years he was internationally recognized for his provocative and flamboyant style.

For many people, Jean Paul Gaultier is associated with tank tops, tapered bras and suits for "The Fifth Element". Gaultier added street fashion to couture and was one of the first to put non-standard models on the runway. He was not afraid to challenge stereotypes and is also not afraid to speak his mind, even when his opinion is unpopular. Admiringly, we gathered for you the wittiest Gaultier statements.

About fashion
In the past everyone wanted to take something from fashion, now this cake is so huge that there are not enough bellies to digest it.

Too many clothes is killing the clothes. Fashion has changed. Now it's just a multiplication of clothes. Eight collections a season is sixteen a year. We make clothes that no one will wear.

When a thing becomes useful, it tends to stop being beautiful.

I went into the profession to be loved because of my clothes. And if I have to pay people to wear my clothes, it's like paying prostitutes to love me.

If it's too fashionable, I'm not interested.

About myself.
As soon as I stop feeling free, I'll drop everything right away. I am a spoiled child and always will be. I've never compromised once in my life.

When I was sick as a child, my mother always gave me mashed potatoes, I adore them. My horoscope is Taurus, so I'm a terrible glutton.

I am Enfant terrible only in fashion, but in life I was a smart boy - calm and reasonable, I listened to my parents. I am only a rebel in my profession. In fashion, you have to be a rebel to attract attention.

About women
No man can resist the beauty of a Slavic woman!

Women are always smarter, more cunning and stronger than men. Men are constantly being forced to be macho, but in fact, I think they like being sensitive too.

My grandmother showed me how great it was to grow old. She was so sweet. She had so many beautiful corsages and dresses decorated with colorful feathers. She had a real magnetism. Grandma showed me that many women become more beautiful as they grow older. Wrinkles, maturity and experience add to their charisma, and I'm still convinced of that.

About work and creativity
I love my work so much that I just don't understand how I can mope. Yes, sometimes I get tired and go to the cinema to relax. Preferably the film is bad, so my thoughts immediately turn to a new collection.

I love extremes and like to combine different realities. I do it all the time.

I am fascinated and intrigued by the human body. The patterns and the drawings are just starting points. All the most interesting things happen during fittings. Sometimes I have to do 10-12 fitting sessions to get to what I'm looking for.

The real fun is when you're up to your neck in it. The key is not to plan anything.

I never tried to shock on purpose. I only did what I genuinely felt. In fact, what's really shocking today is how conservative and politically correct we've become.

About Beauty.
French women hide behind clothes like a screen. I'm sure that those who are not shy about their looks and forms are right in this regard. Fashion is for everyone. I believe that the standard of beauty is not one, there are many.

Beauty is when you remain yourself.

About inclusiveness
Inclusiveness for me is not a trend, but a phenomenon in itself. I invited non-professional models to my shows from the very beginning, often friends. For me, the stereotype that a couture model is a blonde with blue eyes and a certain height and body type does not work. Individuality and style is what really matters. We are all different and it is in our features that beauty comes out.

About stereotypes
I want to show men as a sexual object. It is not fair that only women are portrayed in this way.

There is an expression in French, an admonition for women: "Be beautiful and keep your mouth shut. It's really awful, I could call my attitude to this approach feminist. You know, women can be beautiful and smart at the same time! I feel the same way about stereotypes about the indispensable masculinity, the ruggedness of men.

About the tunic.
When I started working in fashion, I adopted the tunic as my uniform. Thus, since then, I don't have to go crazy figuring out what to wear.

About attention coming in my direction.
In general, I don't really like it when people pay attention to me. Not because it's unpleasant, but because it's dangerous. Including for them. Once I was frightened when I realized that drivers were looking at me instead of following the road. I don't want any tragedies to happen because of me.

About the use of fur
I will never stop loving fur. I wish these activists would take care of their loved ones instead of torturing us over some animals.

About corsets and bras.
My women can wear corsets because bras are their choice, they like it. Yes, feminists burned bras - and I gave them back to women. It's like a post-emancipation of women: first they burned bras, and now they can wear them in this unruly, defiant way.

July 12, 2022