Has the Riverdale star been banned from The Met Gala?
– It's just so wrong. And then f*cked up on 100 different levels, she said about Kim Kardashian's "Marilyn Monroe stunt".

The Met Gala is without a doubt one of the year's most important fashion events. Only the most relevant celebrities and popular influencers are invited to the grand party. Behind the levers sits Anna Wintour and she has the final say when it comes to who will be invited and who won't.

Several media have reported that the Vogue editor also has a blacklist of people who have been banned from the event. Project Runway judge Tim Gunn, stylist Rachel Zoe and, perhaps not so surprisingly, Donald Trump will be among the names on the list.

Now it may seem that a new celebrity has ended up there.

Lili Reinhart herself says that there is little likelihood that she will be invited to The Met Gala again.

Has Riverdale star Lili Reinhart been banned from The Met Gala?

It was in an interview with W magazine that the Riverdale star recently stated this.

- It was very fun! But after being there this year, I don't think I'll be invited again. I said certain things about a certain person wearing a certain dress, Reinhart says a little secretively.

What she is referring to are the statements she made in connection with Kim Kardashian's Marilyn Monroe dress stunt. The superstar appeared at The Met Gala wearing one of the Hollywood legend's most iconic dresses.

This angered many who both thought it was disrespectful and that she could destroy something completely irreplaceable.

Perhaps what caused people to react the most was the fact that Kardashian didn't really fit into the dress. Afterward, she admitted to having gone on an extreme diet where she slimmed down seven kilos in three weeks.
Lili Reinhart was among those who took to social media and strongly criticized Kardashian for this.
- Walking the red carpet and saying you're starving because you haven't eaten carbs in a month... all to fit into a f*cking dress? It's just so wrong. And then f*cked up on 100 different levels, Reinhart wrote on her own Instagram Story after the event, which is reproduced by Page Six.
- And openly admitting that you have starved yourself for the Met Gala when you know full well that millions of young men and women look up to you and listen to every word you say... that ignorance is so otherworldly nauseating, she continued.

She herself believes that this should have been enough for Anna Wintour, with her long-standing friendship with Kim Kardashian (and until recently Kanye West), to have blacklisted her.

The Vogue editor has not yet made any statement in connection with the case.

April 25, 2023