Emma Jade Morrison styles clients like Emily Ratakowski and Lily Aldridge
On stylist Emma Jade Morrison's Instagram page, you won't find information about her interests, philosophical views or just shots from her life. Instead, you’ll be able to admire images of her famous clients for whom she has styled. Here's Emily Ratakowski in a Bevza dress at the W Magazine The Originals Issue party, Lily Aldridge in a Ralph Lauren outfit at the Met Gala, Maggie Gyllenhaal in a Schiaparelli suit at the Venice Film Festival or Alexandra Daddario in a Dolce & Gabbana dress for the premiere of "White Lotus."
She's not in the business of creating casual celebrity style, but she is passionate about styling looks for events. Morrison rarely gives interviews and in them she admits that she is a shy person and prefers to be behind the scenes. What is known about the stylist is further in our story.
"I always knew I wanted to work in fashion."
Morrison studied English and philosophy. But before enrolling at the University of Chicago, she decided she still wanted to work in fashion, most likely writing about it. "At university, I was the only one who was passionate about getting into the fashion industry. Also, university gave me an invaluable skill - despite the workload, to bring everything to perfection. It's no problem for me to work all night."

Interning at Harper's Bazaar and working as an editor at Vogue
During her undergraduate studies, Emma was hired as an intern at Harper's Bazaar magazine where she realized she was headed in the right direction. After college, Morrison got a job at Vogue, where she worked for five years as a fashion editor. 

As she admits, this position gave her knowledge of styles, quality of materials and came in handy when working as a stylist. Most of all, she enjoyed writing about red carpet looks.

"I appreciate those moments when I worked as an editor. But what I remember very well are the pictures that really resonated with me - the red-carpet images. I still remember Michelle Williams in a yellow Vera Wang dress at the 2006 Oscars or Cate Blanchett in a John Galliano outfit at the 1999 Oscars."

That's why Morrison has chosen to go in the direction of styling not everyday looks, but specifically for events.

"When putting together images, I like to experiment."
In her work, Emma Jade Morrison is practical and picks things that will look good in photographs. But at the same time, she likes to experiment and combine the avant-garde with the classic when putting together images. She looks for sources of inspiration in everything all the time. First she comes up with a story, visualizes it on the board, and then she shares the idea with her client. "I like to talk about images as a story. I explain how the story came about, what movies or books I remembered. I ask my client if they feel this story close to them, since with the clothes I'm trying to convey the inner world of man.”

Friendship with Emily Ratakoski
Emily Ratakoski was the first client with whom Morrison developed not only a working relationship, but also a friendship.

"Emily is an exceptional and interesting person. These are facets of her personality that I strive to convey through her clothes. She always says that she wants to be feminine and sexy. It's interesting to play with that, creating images."

About fashion trends
Morrison believes that trends are not a rule to be followed, but a way for her to express herself through her clothes. She believes that all trends should definitely be allowed to come through. "When I see a new trend, I always think about how to present it in a way that people want to wear it. That's why I don't create looks that look like they're from a runway. They have to look natural but also authentic."
May 03, 2022