Hailey Bieber's Style: Repeating the It-Girl Look
"Remember, nobody else is like you. Each person is unique, she is a person. I think it's beautiful to be different and to show your individuality", said model and influencer Hailey Bieber in an interview.

Her style is versatile - one day she is wearing a man's shirt and mishmash jeans, the next day she is wearing fine tailored cloth and boson boots. Since 2013, the model has been collaborating with stylist Maeve Reilly and each of Hailey’s appearances generates discussion, with photos of her outfits spreading all over the Internet. She has collaborated with Moschino, Elie Saab, Off-White, Philipp Plein, Ralph Lauren, and designer Tommi Hilfiger called her a fabulous style icon.

To understand why Hailey's style is so appealing, let us tell you about the main components of the model's closet.

90s aesthetics.

Her looks reveal the trends of the 90s: minimalism, simple cut and subtle accessories. Hailey herself says that she is fascinated by the music and fashion of that time. A special place in her heart belongs to the style of Ledi Dee, who inspired her to create her own outfits. The model combines baseball caps with jackets, tucks jackets into jeans and wears pants with sneakers dad shoes.

Graphics on contrasts

Mix and match is Hailey's main style technique. The model likes to mix grunge with femininity, classic with sports, dilute cool details with relaxed basic attire, and wear down jackets with sets.

Oversize and mini.

Having model parameters, Hailey Bieber emphasizes the tendency of the figure with massive clothes. For this reason they called her the "queen of oversize. At the same time, she likes to combine mishkuvaty things with length: a jacket instead of cloth together with high boots, a massive jacket with short shorts, oversized jackets and mini jackets.

Sport in widespread.

Since 2018, the model has been collaborating with the Adidas brand, which couldn't help but have an impact on her style. Hailey shows that you can wear sports tops, skinnies, and sweatpants in everyday life and not look tedious at the same time. She wears bikinis with a white oversized shirt, jackets over khodi, and jogeri mixes with coats.

The glamour of the nouveau riche.

Hailey Bieber's imagery is a clear indication that the nouveau riche is making a comeback. Baguette bags, pants with patch pockets, short tops, provocative suits with ruffles - all organically integrated into her closet.

Boyfriend speeches.

Hailey is determined to prove that it is possible to look good in a garment that very much belongs to a man's closet. Masculine shirts, dungarees, T-shirts and mushy tracksuits are an inevitable element of her images. Thus, the model shows that the idea of dividing the closet into men's and women's is far in the past.

Accessories play a role

The outfits are mostly simple combinations, but Hailey does not interfere with accessories. More often the model wears massive round earrings and lavish lancets. She chooses Jennifer Fisher, Jacquie Aiche, Shay and Anita Ko. And the images are rounded off with a pair of eyeglasses and a medium-sized purse.

June 14, 2022