Ashley Graham, a plus-size top model, says, "Beauty is not about size."
One of the world's most successful plus-size models, Ashley Graham talks about her work and body.

How does it feel to work as a model?
It's exciting and hard at the same time. In the photo shoots, I usually feel good because I have been working as a model for 16 years. On the stage, I always pray not to fall/that I will not fall!

How do you describe your personal style?
My style is classic, feminine and sexy. I like dresses that highlight my hourglass figure. Most of my wardrobe is black or deep colors. Eye-catching bags and shoes are also my favorites.

What do you do outside the world of fashion?
I take very seriously my role as an activist talking on body issues. I really like to talk about body issues and self-acceptance with young girls. It is important to understand that a beautiful person can have a very different body shape, size, skin tone or origin. Young girls should begin to value their bodies at an early age. Adult women should also realize that achieving self-confidence is a long journey. This can be done by surrounding yourself with other positive women.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty should not have a single standard or definition. It must embrace and accept differences. Your beauty shines when you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Beauty is not about size.

Who is your idol, and why is this person special in your eyes?
My idol is my mother. My mother never spoke of her body in front of us in a negative tone, and it helped us to gain self-confidence already at a young age. We grew up knowing that beauty comes from the inside, and we should value our bodies. She still inspires me!

November 02, 2021