Now comes the series about the controversial lingerie giant Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret is haunted by scandals.

Victoria's Secret has been in bad weather in recent years. In 2018, the American lingerie giant received massive criticism after controversial model comments, which ended with the top manager having to leave. The following year, they canceled their almost iconic lingerie show, and no new shows have been set up since then. Viewer numbers are said to have dropped dramatically every year since 2013.

Last year it became known that Victoria's Secret had to close down hundreds of stores after a drastic drop in sales figures. What was once the world's most important underwear brand is closing several stores, according to CNN.

Many have predicted their downfall, and with competitors such as the diverse Savage x Fenty, the once powerful lingerie giant has more or less played its role.

But crises and controversies are obviously good media food. Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that there is now a Victoria's Secret series.
Journalist and film producer Matt Tyrnauer is reportedly working on a three-part documentary series called The Rise and Fall of Victoria's Secret, writes The Hollywood Reporter. The series will be released on the US streaming service Hulu in early 2022.
The series takes us behind the scenes in the underwear brand and will give an insight into the work behind the brand, the magazine writes.

According to Deadline, the documentary will follow Victoria's Secret on the road to becoming a brand giant. It will also address controversial issues such as The New York Times' revelation of misogyny, poor working conditions and a connection to the late pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

August 26, 2021