That's why Bottega Veneta cut out social media
Will lean more on influencers.

The confusion was great when Bottega Veneta disappeared from social media in early January. The Italian fashion house deleted its accounts on both Instagram and Twitter, and all content on Facebook. The press wondered if it was all a PR stunt.

Now Bottega Veneta’s boss reveals the reason for the social media exit.
- “When it comes to the digital communication strategy, it does not disappear from social media. It is only used differently,” says François-Henri Pinault, chairman of the board and general manager of the luxury group Kering to WWD (behind the payment wall).

- “Bottega Veneta has decided, in line with their positioning, to lean much more on ambassadors and fans by giving them the material they need to be able to talk about the brand through various social networks, by letting them speak on behalf of the brand, instead to do it yourself,” Pinault continues.

This means that the luxury fashion house's loyal followers and fans, such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna and the Kardashian-Jenner clan, will expose the fashion house on Instagram, according to British Vogue.

The Kering boss believes the new digital strategy has worked well so far for the brand, and reveals that each of the luxury group's fashion houses has its very own positioning on social media.

- “I must say that after a month and a half, it is quite convincing considering Bottega Veneta's visibility, and we get it very well.”

It remains to be seen how long the Italian fashion house will be offline from social media, as the brand in January has announced a position as global social media manager, writes Vogue.

Earlier this year, the country marked a seventh place on the list of the world's most popular brands. When Daniel Lee came in as creative director in 2018, the fashion house was compared to old Céline.

June 01, 2021