The jeans brand Miss Sixty launches with Bella Hadid as a campaign model
Miss Sixty was the trouser brand "everyone" had to wear in the 90's. Now it's back.

In recent years, jeans with a high waist, sling, mom jeans, and variants of vintage Levis have been in the wind. These trends have been rooted in the huge 80s and 90s-inspired normcore wave that started in 2011, and some 70s elements that have been seen on the catwalk, for example, at leading fashion houses such as Gucci.

However, it is the 90s that continue to characterize the fashion scene to the greatest extent, especially when it comes to the style of those in generation Z.

Now an archetypal brand from that time is looking to relaunch. Miss Sixty is on her way back.
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In the second half of the 90s, this Italian brand was an absolute must. The most popular models were in light denim, ultra-tight, and super low in the waist with a light sling at the bottom. If you wore them correctly, you would have a visible g-string peeking up from the waistband.

For their new campaign, they have booked Bella Hadid, who in her own style of dress has really taken in the look from the decade. The supermodel was born in 1996, when Miss Sixty really had her heyday.

A few days ago, she shared the news on her Instagram that the brand had chosen her as a model for the relaunch.

In the caption, she writes: "Just signed the contract to be the new face of @Misssixty. I have so many vintage garments from them, which I have collected over the years that I am really looking forward to styling with the new ones! This is a dream come true. I'm so excited to see what we'll do together in the future.”

May 18, 2021