5 supermodel style tips that every woman can use
1. Less is more!
When supermodels are not working, they usually wear plain/simple clothes. These items are likely to be found in your wardrobe too: jeans, plain tops and t-shirts. Simple can be very stylish!

2. Wear all black
Black is always stylish and elegant, and how easy it is to combine black clothes together!

3. The leather jacket is a must
Leather jackets are very diverse; you can wear everything with it. Combine a simple t-shirt or classic dress with a leather jacket. It's impossible to go wrong.

4. Prefer light make-up
If they are not working, models prefer light make-up or no make-up at all. Remember the rule: the best make-up is something that is not visible to the eye.

5. Find the jeans that are suitable for you
Jeans have always been a very hot item among fashion models. Find a pair that you like and wear them endlessly!

November 10, 2020