Carmen Dell'Orefice - The oldest model in the world
Carmen is the oldest working model so far. She is known worldwide, and she has proven that aging is something we should not be afraid of; on the contrary, women can still live and truly value their age. Get acquainted with the 87-year-old sensational Carmen Dell'Orefice.

The beginning of Carmen's career was promising; it is reminiscent of a marvelous fairy tale where a poor girl becomes a beloved queen. Carmen's career came to light thanks to her godfather who introduced her to the Vogue editorial team. At the age of 15, she was already on the cover of this iconic magazine. Since then, her career has been burnt with an indestructible flame. Despite the glamorous fashion life, Carmen lives a modest life. She doesn't have the phone in her home, so Vogue’s chief editor must send her a message through the doorman whenever Carmen has a job offer.

The fashion world makes you grow up quickly. Young models must face a harsh reality, and those who can adapt quickly to the rules will survive. Carmen got her biggest lesson from modeling through her first cover photoshoot. When this young and awkward model finally saw her cover image, she started to cry. She felt she was not a glamorous, gorgeous white swan, but an ugly duckling. But after that, she began to realize that models are like actresses and photographers are directors. The role of the model is to play a role in photographs, not to be the real you.

Time flies and a young woman grows up, getting more confident and feminine. As time went on, Carmen got more job offers and her income grew. The small and modest model blossomed out and successfully collaborated with many famous photographers, including Irving Penn, Gleb Derujinsky, Francesco Scavullo, Norman Parkinson and Richard Avedon. 

In Carmen's life, love has always played a big role, although she does not talk very much about her private life. Her divorces and relationship changes also affected her career. After her second marriage, in 1985, Carmen left modeling for 20 years.

The third marriage had a devastating effect on Carmen, and because of financial difficulties, after a long pause, she stepped back into the model world. It wasn’t long before Carmen was back at the top of the world of fashion. Already in the 1990s and 2000s, she was photographed for the Targeti storehouse for Isaac Mizrahi’s collection, as well as Cho Cheng and Rolex campaigns. From time to time, she collaborated with magazines like Vogue, W and Harper's Bazar.

Today, Carmen is 85 years old and her career, despite her age, is even busier. Carmen claims that over the past 20 years, she has received more job offers than all the previous years combined. 

Seeing Carmen's pictures through the ages, many women will surely wonder how she has been able to hold such a fantastic figure. What is the cost? Carmen, replied in one interview that one of the key factors is having good sex. And she still enjoys it at her age (87). "Sex is part of life. Just as I would not voluntarily abandon my breath, I would not give up sex too," she says.

Everything that this wonderful woman does is done with passion. And that goes for both sex and eating. She listens to her inner feeling - if there is appetite, then she eats and does not count calories. Of course, she does not deny that good genes and a fast metabolism also play a role. However, as every person has one weakness, Carmen’s weakness ice cream. The whole freezer is always full of ice cream. This is her little everyday pleasure.

Each fairy tale also has an end. So Carmen is not afraid of talking about death or thinking about it. She says most people are afraid of death because they did not live, and if you do not know how to live, you don't know how to die. But it is also a part of life and it's not necessary to be afraid. Carmen knows how to live fully, therefore; she wants to die in her own way. She once said that, when she throws her legs to heaven, she will be wearing designer shoes.

October 13, 2020