Alexandra: I try to enjoy everything that comes into my life as much as possible
1. How did you start your modeling career?
My mother always thought it would be good for me because I'm tall, even though I didn't believe it. She put me in model school, which I attended for a while, but at that moment, it didn't seem to me at all that I would start doing it and gave up. Shortly afterwards, Katrin Rannaväli from E.M.A. agency came to me at the shopping mall, and two months later, I was already in Tokyo.

2. How did you feel when you did your first show or photo shoot?
The first show was at the ERKI fashion show. I was completely scared and didn't know at all what it might feel like, but when I did, I felt like I had never experienced such joy before, and I felt like I would still like to go on stage.

3. How do you cope with tension and competition in this business?
It's not complicated, but you just have to find your own methods. After a long day, it is important for me to chill out on the couch and watch my favorite series or go out to eat with my girlfriend. There is not much to do in terms of competition. It must be understood that this is the case and different clients like girls with different styles.

4. What are your beauty rituals?
There is no ritual as such, but the main thing is to use the right face cream in the morning and evening and to do face masks.

5. What do you do to stay in shape?
In my lifestyle, I don't have much time to create the perfect routine, so I usually do some exercises at home in the morning or, if possible, I go to the gym.

6. What is your favorite item of clothing this spring?
Gucci slippers and ripped blue jeans.

7. What do you like most about this job and what is the most difficult?
I like traveling the most. The harder part is not knowing what, when and where, but at the same time, it creates excitement.

8. Who are your favorite designers?
Recent favorites include Gucci, Chloe and Yves Saint Laurent.

9. What is your usual outfit for a casting?
Such an ordinary model outfit like black jeans, black ankle boots and, depending on the day, either a black or white blouse.

10. What has been the most memorable photo shoot of your entire modeling career?
When I was a model for French Vogue and David Bellemere took pictures of me.

11. Describe your ideal day when you don't have to work?
Sleep at least until 11 o'clock, drink morning coffee under the window or in a sunny place. Maybe take a walk around and have lunch in a lovely cafe and maybe even a little shopping. (An ideal day would also be sunny and at least 20 degrees warm!)

12. What are three things on your to-do list?
Honestly, I don't have a to-do list. I try to enjoy everything that comes into my life as much as possible.

13. What is your mantra?
I think relatively the same answer as the previous question.

14. What would be your advice for beginner models?
Communicate a lot, because good communication with clients and photographers will lead you further.

September 28, 2020