5 tips: What to do to make your pictures look great
Jawline area is the most important
Double chin is one of the worst things that in photos. To avoid this, hold your face at an angle when looking into the camera. Also, make sure that the camera does not stand too low from your eye level and do not pull the chin towards the neck.

Find a solution to what is disturbing you the most in the photo
If you see a picture that you do not like at all, take a moment and analyze why you do not like it. Is it your hair? Or makeup? Or wearing clothes that look bad? Make it clear which colors, cuts and makeup are best for you; these details play a very important role in the photo!

Use the filter
Using a photo filter is one of the best and easiest ways to make a picture better. The filter can be viewed as something that highlights your best features, directing many light sources just where it's most needed. Take a selfie and try different filters to see what works best for you!

Never place yourself directly under lights
When taking a photo, always make sure you do not stand underneath lights; the shadows of the face and body that are created will surely not show anyone the best of you.

Look a bit over the camera
Gently shifting your gaze over the lens automatically raises your throat. This will highlight your jawline.

September 08, 2020